Connie Holland, Founder of Glass Peak Leadership

Connie Holland is a highly-acclaimed corporate executive who has been responsible for turning around company cultures for decades. With more than 20 years of experience as a leader, manager and people developer, Connie is most recently known for her success at the helm of a dynamic software company. She has mastered the art of creating diverse, people-centered work environments that allow individuals to thrive and bottom lines to grow. Because of this success, Connie is a frequent keynote speaker and guest lecturer on diversity and inclusion topics most people would be intimidated to take on: female professionals in today’s workforce, the current impacts of the glass ceiling and the phenomenon of the glass peak.

“Sometimes all you can control is your attitude, but your attitude will control everything.”

Meet Connie

Connie is most comfortable in a pair of jeans and her Chuck Taylors.  Her two black labs remind her life isn’t all about technology and to live in the moment.  She can’t imagine life without her bicycle rides.  Her first business was selling cactus plants in paper milk cartons at the age of eight.  Her playlist is like her life, diverse, from Pitbull to Mozart (can you imagine a modern day mash-up?)  Her favorite sound is laughter, and she believes it is the best medicine for the soul.

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