Speaking Topics

Reaching the Glass Peak: Navigating the Path to Breaking through the Glass Ceiling

Dealing with bias, prejudice or any kind of injustice at work is more than just frustrating—it’s overwhelming, hurtful and can get in the way of talented people reaching the top of their chosen profession.

Knowing how to navigate this path in your workplace is critical. If you are pursuing you own career advancement and/or you want to champion others to advance, you must know how to engage a diverse team and support them to their highest peaks.

Informal discussions, internal committees and company initiatives just aren’t enough to conquer the glass ceiling. CEO Connie Holland will walk you through proven best practices to truly embody diversity and inclusion efforts within your organization.

Lemons Don’t Always Make Lemonade: Adversity, Bias, and Changing Your Story

From a deeply personal set of experiences starting at an early age, Connie Holland shares how she overcame repeated efforts to hold her back, strip her of self-worth and limit her achievements.

This session is authentic, honest and raw. It’s also uplifting to anyone who feels like the cards are stacked against them through circumstances or bias, and struggles with keeping a positive outlook when facing the daily challenges of life.

If you are searching for what your greater purpose is, going through a difficult time in your work or personal life, this session will engage your heart and mind and offer guidance to your own peak of peace and fulfillment.

From Silos to Celebration: 4 Steps to Changing Your Company Culture

Buzzwords like “culture” and “employee engagement” aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. As more and more companies focus on employee retention and recruitment strategies, the ones who rise to the top will be focused on creating a greater good for their employees.

In this engaging discussion, Connie shares four key strategies you can use to pull your team together, increase your company’s success and create lasting and loyal employee engagement.

You will walk away with proven strategies to gain maximum engagement from your team members. From establishing a personal work ethic to how you celebrate events in the office, you will be equipped to get everyone rowing in the same direction.

Discovering Your Inner Grinder: Strategies for Thinking Like a Winner

Do you feel like your life is running you instead of the other way around? You’re not alone in juggling competing priorities. Connie has been where you are and will cut the learning curve out for you as she shares her day-to-day practices to stay focused, be productive, and most of all, enjoy life.

In order to successfully lead others, YOU have to a priority in the process. For optimum success you must be able to shift your thinking and focus from pressure to perseverance and be prepared get the very most out the opportunities that come your way.

In this interactive session, you will discover the secrets to finding and maintaining your peak. You will also gain a better understanding of why it is OK to take care of yourself, and why it is critical to your success, happiness, and the happiness of those around you.

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