“I met Connie Holland at Rush during women leadership council event last year. I was totally blown away by the strength and resilience of this remarkable woman. She shared her personal story, which touched all of us. Despite a very difficult beginning with the odds stacked against her, she was able to become an extremely positive and delighted person. Her poised personality, her thrive to survive and succeed, her adherence to her own values, understanding what she can bring to the table, and her ability to reflect made her an extremely successful businesswoman and a great role model for her children, her employees, and many others privileged to interact with her. Connie’s story is empowering and I hope it will help other women to reach their best potential.”

Susan Chubinskaya, PhD

Associate Provost, Faculty Affairs
Rush University Medical Center

“Connie’s poignant story was presented as part of a woman leadership seminar at Rush University Medical Center.  Her authenticity and vulnerability allowed women in the audience a framework for viewing our own struggles and victories, leaving us with an empowerment message.  We look forward to her next presentation!”


Dr. Sheila Dugan, MD

Professor, Rush University Medical Center
Chair, Women’s Leadership Council

“I really enjoyed your presentation on Gender Bias—What Can You Do? It was very inspiring and motivational. Thank you for sharing your personal journey of overcoming life challenges and for providing a road map for all of us on how to succeed regardless of the obstacle.”

Terry Peterson

Vice President of Corporate and External Affair and Chairperson of the Diversity Leadership Council,
Rush University Medical Center

“You and your team, with your leadership, have done an amazing turnaround of the product you sell & support. I am really so pleased with the year we have had. Thanks for being there to listen, and really hear what I was trying to say. You have been great to work with!”

Happy Client

Phoenix, AZ

“Connie is a phenomenal speaker!  She was invited to speak at our organization several times, and each time the women in the room were left feeling in awe of her openness. Connie’s presence and delivery is very warm and engaging; she is very professional, and she shares her wealth of expertise and wisdom in a way that is refreshing and authentic.  You will be left feeling amazed at her strength and resilience, and in the way she will make you feel like you can conquer the world!”

Paula J Brown, MBA

Manager, Diversity and Inclusion
Rush University Medical Center

“Connie’s passion in her work is unmatched; her dedication to her team and the vision she creates is incredible. She has that ability to lead people, to get them all focused on the tasks at hand to make any organization successful. She values her team, she values them as individuals, and that value she has in them is what she is able to use to drive her organization in the correct direction. She is a fantastic mentor to have and as a leader, her ability to get the job done at hand is second to none.”

Travis C. Duell, CPA | Partner

Huth Thompson LLP

“There is a drastic difference in the way things are ran between my old job and this one. Happy employees are productive employees and Connie, our CEO, clearly knows this. At my old job I watched the clock, didn’t come in a minute before and hit the door right at quitting time. My new job is different: I come in early, lose track of time while working and don’t mind working longer. While I have a lot of work to do learning my new career I feel that I am part of a team now and am much happier all around”

Loyal Team Member
“Connie is forged by all that has happened in her life, both bad and good and has come through wholly intact. She has learned from everything and continues to seek new ways to keep herself engaged. To me, she is the embodiment of the word resilience.”

Madhavi Kandula MD
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