Glass Peak Leaders Wanted…Only the Strong and Brave Need Apply

Leaders are most often faced with more tasks than can be completed in a day. Staying focused and not burning out in the process can be a balancing act. Keeping yourself and a team of diverse employees in a positive and productive state may feel impossible.

As the leader, you also know your team is counting on you to show them the way. How do you incorporate everyone’s unique skills and abilities? How can you encourage diversity and thought leadership within your organization?

In this working session, CEO Connie Holland will share essential insights on maximizing the talent on your team while still taking care of yourself. You will leave with a renewed readiness to take on whatever the day brings and to conquer any obstacles you may face. If you’re ready to not just break through the glass ceiling, Connie will show you how to truly reach the Glass Peak.

Ideal for: Executive women in leadership positions

Cultivating Loyal Teams

It’s no secret, finding and retaining good team members is the number one problem facing most employers and managers today. Once you do find that needle in the haystack, how do you keep them happy so they will stay? What are you doing now to keep the employees you do have happy? Are you sure you are speaking their “language” and meeting their expectations as an employer or leader?

Connie’s four steps to changing your company culture are expanded upon in this engaging workshop. If you’re leading a team and are charged with creating loyalty and a team mindset or struggling to find new retention/recruitment strategies, this workshop is for you. You will learn practical, actionable strategies to connect your employees to your company using resources you already have.

Ideal for: Managers, Leaders

Health Care Workers: Burned Out vs Engaged?

When you are on an airplane and being instructed of what to do in an emergency, you are told that the very first thing to do is to put YOUR oxygen mask on FIRST so you are able to help others. Health Care Workers are the leader in number one stress related-jobs in the country. While taking care of others, health care workers often forget the importance of taking care of themselves; thus leading to burnout, depression, injuries, and illnesses.

In this session, learn about the criticality of taking care of yourself first in order to be more effective and engaged on your job as well as in life as a whole (and no, it is not selfish to take care of yourself). If you got into your profession because you loved helping people and want to make sure you don’t burn out, this session will teach you how to preserve your ability to do what you love.

Ideal for: Health care workers in any field and at any level of your organization

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